2022 4V4 Rules

Scorekeeper/Ref Rule Cheat Sheet


  • 8 min periods. All periods are running time except for the last minute of the third period in round robin if within a goal and the last two minutes of the third period in playoffs if within 2 goals.
  • No line changes in the final minute of the first and second period on stoppages.
  • All penalties are penalty shots. Anyone on rink when penalty is assessed can take penalty shot
  • 12 player roster max including goalie. If goalie gets injured you may replace him, but has to be permanently and with someone of equal or lesser value.
  • Floating Blue Line.
  • Ice Hockey Blue Line Icing (near defensive line).
  • No line changes on icing or on a ball shot directly out below the blue line by the defensive team.
  • No double tap rule like Leominster. Whistle and faceoff at nearest dot for double tap.
  • 3 penalties and out.
  • You may grab ball and put down in one motion. Whistle and faceoff at nearest dot if not. No penalty.
  • You may call for ball with high stick. If you swing at ball or hit someone it is a penalty.
  • Incidental contact. You may hit someone if going for 50/50 ball and you are going in straight line for the ball.
  • On off-sides, the faceoff goes to where the pass came from.
  • Helmets are mandatory. If they fall off during play, the player may finish his shift without the helmet, but must put it back on before the next shift.  If a player enters the rink during play without a helmet it is a minor penalty for delay of game.
  • You may use your feet on face-offs.
  • No OT in round robin. 3v3 4 min running time followed by 3 player shootout for non-finals. Finals is continuous 3v3 until winner. The last minute of OT will be stopped time.
  • No timeouts until finals.
  • If a rule is not listed on here or NEBH Rule Sheet refer to rules on our website neballhockey.com and/or USA Ball Hockey Rule Book.