2022 New England Classic Rules


NEBH Rules


** This list contains the most important rules NEBH plays by in their events.  For any subject not touched on in this list, please see the USA Ball Hockey Rule Book listed on their website. 

  1. There is no checking or intentional body contact. Incidental contact is allowed. Incidental contact is defined as any contact made while the players are attempting to get a “50-50 ball”. All players have the right to make a play on a “50-50 ball”.  Any excessive contact made while a player has full possession of the ball or excessive contact made while not attempting to go for the ball will result in a penalty.  This determination is made at the discretion of the referee in ALL situations.
  2. The game is played with a no bounce orange or pink ball.
  3. Any type of regulation stick is permitted with the exception of wooden ice hockey sticks.
  4. Off-Sides will be guided by the “floating blue line”. Players cannot precede the ball into the offensive blue line. Once the ball is in the zone legally the blue line “floats back to the center red line”. This expands the offensive zone back to the center red line. The defensive team must now get the ball over the center red line, not the blue line, in order for the zone to change. Once the ball has cleared the center red line all offensive players, in the defensive zone must clear that zone, but only to the blue line, before they can re-enter.
  5. Icing is defined by any player shooting the ball from behind their defensive BLUE LINE. (****PLEASE NOTE THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM PRIOR YEARS WHEN CENTER ICE WAS USED) Clarify on Icing/Flooring that we will be using the first line in the neutral zone which is the blue line in ice hockey.  Icing will be waived off if the ball doesn’t reach the goal line or no opposing players are able to make a play before the ball goes over the goal line. It is the discretion of the refs if the opposing team can make a play on the ball before it goes over the goal line.
  6. The team that commits icing/flooring will not be allowed to change
  7. Players are permitted to catch or grab the ball, drop it and continue with the play. A player cannot catch the ball and run with it or throw it to a teammate. If this occurs the whistle will be blow and the draw will come outside the zone without possession of the zone.
  8. If the ball is shot into the protective netting or fencing and falls back into play, it is to be considered a live ball. If the ball is completely shot out of play, a face-off will ensue.
  9. Off-sides is touch up.
  10. If an icing causes the stoppage for a delayed penalty the faceoff is still deep in the shorthanded team’s zone.
  11. The raising of the stick above the shoulder area is a minor penalty UNLESS A PLAYER IS CALLING FOR THE BALL AND DOES NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THE OPPOSING PLAYER. (*** Please note this is different from Prior Years. We had a rash of injuries from high sticks last year and have decided against allowing high sticks.  We are now following dek hockey rules with regard to a high stick.) Hitting Player with stick is up to discretion of ref if they want to issue major or misconduct based on intent, no matter the result (ie bleeding). “Blood does not automatically dictate a major or misconduct, intent does.”
  12. Penalties and Icings will result in a face-off deep in the defensive zone of the team committing either offense.
  13. Once the face-off has been established no line changes will be allowed. A team will be given a warning for first offense and then a delay of the game penalty will follow.
  14. All offside face-offs will be from where the offside pass originated. An example would be if a players in the defensive zone passes to a player off-sides in the offensive zone the face off will go to the nearest circle in the defensive zone not center ice.
  15. Intentional Off-sides will be called in the event that a player on the rink intentionally touches the ball for the purposes of stopping the play while off-sides. The ensuing face-off will take place deep in the offending team’s zone once the whistle is blown.
  16. Players must control their sticks as determined by tourney rules and discretion of the refs.
  17. In all divisions except the A division, players will be ejected from the game after their 3rd penalty and another player will need to serve the penalty. In the A division, there is no limit on penalties, however, refs may eject a player or give out a misconduct if a player is committing multiple intentional penalties and putting players’ safety at risk.
  18. Use of feet is permitted on face-offs.


Basic Event Structure and Information


  1. Check in procedure for this event will be all electronic. Team leaders will get a link for waivers and rosters via email and all payments are to be made via venmo to @scottduggan40.  Registration fee, waivers, and rosters are due prior to the team’s first game.  If any tasks aren’t completed, major penalties will be assessed to the team consecutively until all tasks are completed.
  2. If there are any issues or concerns regarding the event you can email scott@athletic-evolution.com or call Scott Duggan at 978-833-1273 and Anthony Cornaccia at 617-767-1625.
  3. A/B skilled players must seek tournament director approval to play down in the C/D division. NO A/B rostered players allowed in Novice/Rec divisions unless approved by the tournament director. Skill level is determined by the Tourney Directors.
  4. In all divisions teams can roster 20 players. (Back up goalies must be included on roster if they are used at any point during the tournament regardless of reasoning)
  5. Women’s B and Coed B teams are allowed 3 restricted players total.
  6. For Men’s B teams are allowed 3 restricted players.  If they don’t use any A+ player (DENOTED WITH * ON RESTRICTED LIST) they may add a 4th restricted player.
  7. All players must use approved equipment set forth by tournament/game directors. If there is no announcement directly addressing the equipment issue, the required equipment shall be shin pads (soccer pads with no knee are permitted), padded gloves of any kind (football receiver or lineman and lacrosse gloves are allowed, baseball batter’ gloves are not allowed) and helmets. Elbow pads are not mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in all events. Helmets with face masks are mandatory for all players under 18 years of age.
  8. All games will be three ten minute periods. The first period of all games will be running time with stoppage only occurring during a penalty and the final minute of the period unless otherwise specified. No time outs will be given during round robin games.
  9. Referees are instructed not to take abuse from players and coaches. Suspensions will be handed out if, after speaking with event directors, there is reason for further discipline.
  10. Players, coaches, or fans who cause problems will be suspended and ejected from the rink and property. Law enforcement will be notified of serious problems.
  11. Players who purposely injure other players will be subject to suspension at other events.
  12. In events with playoffs, OT formats will be decided by event directors and posted prior to start of the event.
  13. Mercy Rule is in effect. We are using 18 point mercy in round robin (ie 8-0, 10-2) and 7 goal differential in playoffs for events that have playoffs.
  14. Minor Penalty = 1 minute stop clock. Double Minor Penalty = 2 minutes stopped clock. Major Penalty = 2.5 minutes stopped clock (player does not leave box if goal(s) are scored). Misconduct = 5 minutes (Major Game misconduct = 10 minutes plus dismissal from the game.) Clock will stop for penalties in the first period.
  15. Hockey sticks deemed unsafe (sharp edges, splinters, etc) for play can be removed at refs discretion. If stick is used again it is one minute delay of game. Any factoring in a goal scored by the player for his team will NOT be taken away unless scored after the infraction is called.
  16. No time-outs in round robin. Time-outs will be allowed in the semis and finals in events where there are playoffs. Timeouts are one minute in length.
  17. Players may play on only one team in each division unless given permission from tournament directors.
  18. Scoring: Win – 10 points; Tie – 5 points; Loss – 0 points. 1 point for goal differential. Max 18.
  19. Suspensions are at the event directors’ discretion.
  20. After the first game there will be no player add-ons to the roster. The final roster must be submitted prior to each team playing their first game.
  21. If there is a dispute on player skill level, event directors will make the final call on eligibility.
  22. Teams must have matching shirts/jerseys. If a second set is needed as alternative the team may use same color jerseys/shirt if different color from opposing team. If a team does not have matching shirts/jerseys they must seek the approval of event directors prior to play.
  23. If a team deliberately forfeits a game, they will be disqualified from the event and possibly future events. If the forfeiting team shall have a significant effect on the event standings, the average of the other teams’ games vs. the forfeiting team will be used for their point total.
  24. In the event that teams are tied with the same point totals, the following tiebreakers will be used to determine the highest Seed:
  1. Record
  2. Head-to-head record (when applicable).
  3. Goal Differential.
  4. Most Goals For.
  5. Least Goals Against.
  6. Coin Flip.