NEBH and Mylec Join Forces

Boston – New England Ball Hockey (“NEBH”) and Mylec, Inc. (“Mylec”) have entered into a strategic partnership aimed to continue moving the growing sport of ball hockey forward, with an emphasis on providing an outlet for organized game play and grass roots participation in areas that have not seen growth in such game play.

Mylec is well known as a global industry leader in providing equipment, apparel and support across the global ball hockey community. While speaking on the strategic partnership, Mylec emphasized the shared goal of creating destination tournaments for participating teams from across North America.

“New England Ball Hockey runs multiple, successful tournaments throughout the year that we are happy to collaborate with their organization, which we believe will assist in making them destinations for every ball hockey team in North America. Many teams travel to their events and continue to come back across all levels of competition that NEBH offers” – Anthony Laperriere (Mylec)

NEBH has also announced their next four major events, starting with the expansion of the US Outdoor Championship October 14-16, 2022, which will become the first American tournament to allow all divisions and participants to be present at the same event weekend, rather than broken up over multiple weekends. To accomplish this feat, the US Outdoor Championship will be utilizing the multi-rink Fitchburg Street Hockey facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts which has hosted the last two US Outdoor Championship events and the last five New England Classic events, while also expanding to the historic home of Dek Hockey in Leominster, Massachusetts for a total of 6 rinks.

The divisions being offered at the 2022 US Outdoor Championship include:

Men’s A

Women’s A

Women’s B

Men’s C

Women’s C

Men’s Novice/Rec*

Masters (Over 40)

Co-Ed B

3v3 Open

3v3 Rec (No A/Tier 1 experience in 5v5 or 3v3)

Mylec will have a presence at all NEBH events under the partnership. Among the products that will be showcased at NEBH events, Lapperiere stated, “The product we are most proud of is the ball that started it all that is going to be used in all NEBH tournaments. The original orange ball is where the sport started and continues to be the most popular ball in the sport today. As well as our pink (cool weather) ball for tournaments that are in the cooler months. Also our full line of equipment for all ages/skill levels including sticks (full composite, composite/ABS hybrid, ABS, Jet-Flo & the classic Air-Flo), as well as multiple styles of gloves, shin pads & elbow pads, along with a NEW helmet coming out in a couple of months.”


The next four major events will be held on the following dates at the home of NEBH (Fitchburg Street Hockey Facility) as well as supplemental area rinks:

US Outdoor Championship – October 14-16, 2022

New England Classic – June 2-4, 2023

US Outdoor Championship – October 13-15, 2023

New England Classic – May 31-June 2, 2024

“With Mylec, we now believe we have a long term partnership in place that aligns with our long term goals,” said Scott Duggan, President of NEBH. He continued on, “For decades, the Mylec name has been synonymous with street hockey and we are proud to join so many others in our community in partnering with the brand for the foreseeable future. With our long term parnerships with Mylec and the Fitchburg Street Hockey facility, we are positioned to provide memorable events for all our participants”

Any questions regarding NEBH events should be directed to Scott Duggan.